Donate Today and Join our Community

As of 2017, the S.H.E. Fund is proud to have 19 students in school and 9 graduates. Each year 4-8 girls complete secondary school though the Tasaru/V-Day Safe House and need funders to support them through college.  We in the S.H.E. community invite you to join us in this mutually rewarding exchange of heart and commitment.  Lets do this in perpetuity!


We are grateful for your interest in helping a girl from the
V-Day Safe House to be able to go to college!

Here are two ways to offer support through the S.H.E. College Fund:

Become a Primary Funder:

As a Primary Funder you contribute $3500 per year for two to four years of college. This covers all of the student's expenses: tuition, lodging, food, clothing, supplies, medical needs, etc. Primary Funders have the option to be in communication with the student, through emails, WhatsApp and/or other means. The S.H.E. Fund fosters and supports this connection and is responsible for all financial interactions with the student. Alternatively, you can receive bi-annual reports on the student. 

Contribute to the General Fund:

You can make a contribution in any amount to the S.H.E. General Fund. This money goes to support students who do not have a Primary Funder and to cover administrative costs.

Sustaining Donations

All contributions can be made automatically on a monthly or annual basis through Paypal, using your Paypal account, bank balance or credit card. See below for details.

Your donations are fully tax-deductible.

Thank you for joining us in this relational way of healing our world, one young woman at a time!

How to Donate:


When you donate through this PayPal link, 91% of your donation goes to the students: 5% goes to our fiscal sponsor and approximately 4% to Paypal. 

To avoid Paypal fees send a check or contact us on how to send through Paypal without the fees.

Sustaining Donations

Set up recurring donations through Paypal to be drawn from your bank account, credit card or Paypal balance. Choose one of the payment plans in the dropdown menu, then click the Paypal button.

Donation Options


When you donate by check, 95% of your donation goes to the students. Send a check for any amount made out to Belladonna Sanctuary, our fiscal sponsor.

Mail it to:
Donna LaPerle
144 Lyman Meadow Unit #D3
Hinesburg, VT 05461