"I am touched and immeasurably grateful to be developing a relationship with Eunice and supporting her courage and vision to create a life that is simultaneously independent and focused on serving others as an educator. I am in awe of her courage and devotion to learning, to family, to her faith and community. I have complete confidence in her ability to develop a strongly heartfelt and grounded future. Thank you for this opportunity to serve one who is so dear and may well serve so many."

- Karin Carrington

"Even as an older sister, an aunt and a godmother I am constantly overwhelmed by the joy I experience in being a mentor and "mum" to Mercy. I love our constant conversations via WhatsApp where we share photos of our activities and families and keep up to date on each other's lives. Mercy is an amazingly brave, smart young woman who is going to make a terrific nurse. I love her enthusiasm and optimism along with her desire to care for her family and improve all of their lives. Being involved in the S.H.E. Fund is the first time that I can truly see my support at work and the personal connection between me and Mercy is invaluable."  

  - Pam Brewster

"Funding a girl from the Safe House changes things for her forever. But it also really changes things for you. Our family had a real relationship with Regina. It was not just a matter of sending her money. We talked to her on the phone. My kids emailed her. We sent gifts back and forth. I spoke to her regularly and still do. We’ve become a part of each other’s lives in a way that will outlast any need she has for funding."

- Joan Semling Bostian

"My goal in Life is to contribute to what matters. Education matters. Education for girls and young women matters even more. When I heard Kim speak of the Safe House it was as if she was offering me an opportunity to be part of something that really matters and makes a difference. I could not resist and I am so happy I am doing it."

- Sylvie Daigle

"I love helping to fund Anne because there is no self-pity in her.  She knows she wants to change her life and college is the way to move forward.  When I send money, I also tell her I am proud of her and I believe in her.  I am making a difference and she is extremely grateful."

- Donna LaPerle

"Kim’s work with these women is truly astonishing. I have seen it change them, and I have felt it change her and the people she shares it with."

- Pol Stafford