"I am touched and immeasurably grateful to be developing a relationship with Eunice and supporting her courage and vision to create a life that is simultaneously independent and focused on serving others as an educator. I am in awe of her courage and devotion to learning, to family, to her faith and community. I have complete confidence in her ability to develop a strongly heartfelt and grounded future. Thank you for this opportunity to serve one who is so dear and may well serve so many."

- Karin Carrington

"Funding a girl from the Safe House changes things for her forever. But it also really changes things for you. Our family had a real relationship with Regina. It was not just a matter of sending her money. We talked to her on the phone. My kids emailed her. We sent gifts back and forth. I spoke to her regularly and still do. We’ve become a part of each other’s lives in a way that will outlast any need she has for funding."

- Joan Semling Bostian

"My goal in Life is to contribute to what matters. Education matters. Education for girls and young women matters even more. When I heard Kim speak of the Safe House it was as if she was offering me an opportunity to be part of something that really matters and makes a difference. I could not resist and I am so happy I am doing it."

- Sylvie Daigle

"I love helping to fund Anne because there is no self-pity in her.  She knows she wants to change her life and college is the way to move forward.  When I send money, I also tell her I am proud of her and I believe in her.  I am making a difference and she is extremely grateful."

- Donna LaPerle


"Kim’s work with these women is truly astonishing. I have seen it change them, and I have felt it change her and the people she shares it with."

- Pol Stafford