The Team

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Kim Rosen - Founder, Author, Guide

Kim Rosen is the author of Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words as well as the founder and director of the S.H.E. College Fund. She has inspired listeners worldwide with the power of poetry as a transformative agent for individuals and communities. A culminating moment of her life mission to melt defenses, transcend definitions, and foster connection with self and others through poetry came in 2007 when she recited a poem to a group of Maasai girls at the Tasaru Rescue Center. In that moment of cross-cultural, trans-generational communion, a deep bond was formed that eventually inspired her to create the S.H.E. Fund to serve the girls who had won her heart. Now she travels the world not only to give workshops and trainings on self revelation through poetry and soul-inquiry, but also in the service of the courageous students of the S.H.E. team.  Kim spends time in Kenya each year to develop personal relationships with students, oversee the work of the Fund, and get to know the girls at the Rescue Center who will need funds for college in future years. 

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Jacinta Silantoi - Director of Kenya Operations

Jacinta Silantoi Meteur earned her BS in Business and is the Kenya Coordinator for the S.H.E. College Fund. The eldest of 10 children, Jacinta was the first female in her village to achieve an education beyond primary school, and the first person to go to college. Even as a child, Jacinta was passionate about education. As a young girl she fled to the Tasaru Rescue Center in order to avoid FGM and go to school instead. Her passion to attend college compelled her to reach out to Kim Rosen for help in 2010, and their collaboration in her college education was the seed that became the S.H.E Fund. Jacinta is responsible for the myriad tasks that go into supporting S.H.E. students day to day in Kenya - finding them colleges, teaching them about budgeting and communication, taking them to school, bookkeeping of expenses, responding to student requests, and maintaining frequent contact with all students and team members.  In her spare time, Jacinta is studying to be a CPA, and loves to design clothing and visit her mother and younger siblings in their village, a journey of several hours by motorbike through the bush. 
S.H.E. Team Spotlight: Jecinta, Kenya Coordinator


Karin Carrington - Donor Liaison, Fundraiser

Karin Carrington has served over the last 55 years as a teacher, contemplative psychologist, photographer, author, and, more recently, an ordained Buddhist chaplain.  Her work in depth psychology, spirituality, women’s empowerment and social justice prepared her for an immediate resonance with the mission and heart of the S.H.E. Fund. She joined the team in 2013 and articulated its vision of fostering rich cross-cultural relationships between the students, funders and team. She co-produces fundraising events and newsletters, keeps donors informed and spreads the inspiration of the S.H.E. Fund wherever and whenever she can. In 2016, Karin traveled to Kenya where she fell in love with the girls at the Safe House, the S.H.E. students and the Great Rift Vally that is their home. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is passionate about kayaking, yoga, poetry, writing, photography and her community of family, friends and students.


Donna LaPerle - Financial Manager, Bard

Donna LaPerle spent 32 years as an Administrative Assistant and Accounting Specialist with the National Guard. In 2008 she left the Army, having fallen in love with poetry. Since then she has chosen to carry poems rather than guns in her travels around the world. Donna was the first team member to join Kim in supporting the S.H.E. students, taking over the finances and communicating with the students in Kenya about their budgets.  She brings great heart to the S.H.E. community and has inspired fundraising projects in the United States. Donna lives in Vermont when she’s not traveling the world sharing poetry or supporting the students of the S.H.E. Fund.


Agnes Pareyio - Founder, Tasaru Rescue Center

Agnes Pareyio is the founder of the Tasaru Rescue Center and an inspirational leader in activism and politics in Narok county.  Agnes is a friend, wise advisor and active source of support for the S.H.E. Fund.


Emily Ketter - S.H.E. Kenya Consultant

Emily Ketter is the head secretary/manager of the Tasaru Rescue Center. She supervises the girls' schooling through secondary school, counsels the girls, and manages public events such as the annual Alternative Right of Passage for young Maasi women.  She is a valued consultant and friend to the S.H.E. Fund.


Tasaru Rescue Center/V-Day Safe House

Tasaru Rescue Center/V-Day Safe House