Frequently asked Questions

How much does it cost to send a girl to college?

It costs approximately $3500 per year to send a young woman to college. This includes tuition and all living expenses – food, lodging, medical needs, clothing, supplies, etc.

What is different about the S.H.E. College Fund?

At the heart of the S.H.E. Fund is relationship. Each student who is supported by the Fund receives not only the money for one to four years of college (depending on her grades and motivation), but also the support from the S.H.E. Team and her funder in the form of communication, encouragement, guidance and love. 

How much of my donation goes to the girls?

If you pay by check, 95% of your tax deductible donation goes to the student (5% goes to our fiscal sponsor). If you pay by PayPal, 91% goes to the student because of the additional 4% deducted by PayPal. Please contact us for information as to how to pay through PayPal without fees. 

We hear from all directions how less than 5% of your donations to many large, impersonal organizations actually gets to the people in need. The S.H.E. Fund is a radical opportunity to make a difference in a direct and deeply relational way.

How do I offer support? 

There are two ways to offer support — you can be a Primary Funder for one student for an agreed upon number of years; or you can make a contribution of any amount to the General Fund.

As a Primary Funder, you contribute $3500/year for one to four years for a specific student. This covers all of the student’s expenses: tuition, lodging, food, clothing, supplies, medical needs, etc. We will facilitate your direct relationship with the student to whatever extent you wish, and we will report to you on her progress at least every six months. 

The General Fund supports students who do not have a one-to-one donor, as well as the operating expenses of the Fund. 

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